• CurrencyFair unveils new brand identity for the next €4 billion

    CurrencyFair is the world's first peer-to-peer money exchange service. Their advanced technology, easy user interface and top rated customer service has saved already €142 million for their customers. Reliable and efficient, CurrencyFair makes sending large sums of money abroad safe and easy.

    • Then
    Having exchanged already over €4 billion, CurrencyFair were in need of a confident identity that reflects the calibre of the service they offer. Our studio was tasked with developing a brand that would reflect the growing success of CurrencyFair.

    • Our Input
    We discovered that often challenger brands want to distance themselves from banks. Keen to focus on the positive, we stayed away from ‘bank-bashing’. Instead, we focused on showing respect for the banks, who are ultimately CurrencyFair’s partners and peers. And so we developed a friendly identity that centres around connection and collaboration and feels as easy as the service.

    • Now
    The identity was developed in close collaboration with CurrencyFair's in-house design team, who have further evolved and refined the system into the service interface seen today. Together with several marketing agency partners, CurrencyFair coordinated the multi-channel launch of the new brand in October 2016.

    Proxy Portfolio
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Founded 2009

    Other investors
    • Frontline Ventures
    • Octopus Ventures
    • Draper Esprit

    What we did
    • Brand Strategy
    • Tone of Voice
    • Logo
    • Brand identity
    • Brand Book
    • Stationery
    • Collateral


  • A word from Brett

    “When we started CurrencyFair six years ago, we simply wanted to get money across the globe in the most efficient way. It requires technological innovation, but also collaboration with banking providers. We're here to make banking better."

    Brett Meyers
    CEO & Co-Founder

  • We positioned CurrencyFair as a brand that works with banks to make banking better for everyone

  • A modular graphic UI system seemlessly adapts from large to small screen

  • Icons borrow their form factor from the typeface, dotted lines are added to larger more intricate illustrations