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  • Faralong.com simplifies adventure travel booking

    Faralong.com is a simple booking platform, giving travellers access to iconic tours and providing tour operators with direct access to their audience. The unique pricing model enables cost sharing, encouraging travellers to invite their friends along. As a brand, Faralong.com combines utilitarian simplicity with authentic adventure imagery.

    • Then
    Well established in the travel industry, the founders set their minds to creating a global travel aggregator that would specialise in tour booking. They needed the Faralong.com brand to represent ease of use, while retaining the contemporary edge of adventure travel. It was important to look like a global player from day one.

    • Our input
    We started by creating the brand thinking – 'straight forward tours'. From there we formed the name, combining 'far' and 'along with others'. The brand identity system revolves around a signpost, pointing forward and illustrating lowering prices. We designed a unique set of category and UI icons, making it easy to book tours. Supporting their digital designers, everything from the web experience to the metrics, were tailored for the brand.

    Faralong.com has launched in a range of focus markets and currently offer adventures in a selection of twenty destinations.

    Proxy portfolio
    • Estonia
    • Founded in 2015

    Other Investors
    • Vision+
    • Travel operators

    What we did
    • Brand story
    • Naming
    • Logo
    • Brand book
    • Brand guidelines
    • Collateral
    • Infographics


  • A word from Kalle

    "Our idea is brilliantly simple – the more people who join a tour, the less each person has to pay. For example, if you take a taxi, the cost would be cut in half if another person shared the taxi with you, both passengers wouldn’t expect to pay the full fare. The same concept Faralong.com applies to its tours."

    Kalle Viira

  • The signpost symbol is made out of 3 pointers

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  • The name is a nod to being far away and the social nature of the tours

  • Distinctive iconography uses stencil forms and bold line weights

  • Personal travel memories are captured in Faralong.com business cards

  • Final design guidelines and the Faralong.com brand story are presented in a concise booklet

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