• Me Säätiö tackles youth inequality in Finland

    We helped bring focus and direction to the founders’ passion with a name, brand mission statement and identity.

    • Then
    Ilkka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoja, founders of Supercell, wanted to give something back to Finnish society. When they were kids, things were more equal than today, so they decided to launch a charity that could create a more level playing field for Finnish youth and children.

    • Our input
    Working with Finnish copywriter Tiina Kaakkunen, we developed a mission statement for Me: ‘Ei ole olemassa meitä ja heitä, on vain me’ – ‘There’s no us and them, it’s just we’. We then designed a simple blue-and-white identity system, using an open and friendly sans serif typeface, all of which feels right at home in Finland.

    • Now
    Me Säätiö is at the start of its journey. It works behind the scenes, not wanting to draw attention to itself.

    • Pro bono
    • Finland
    • Founded 2014

    What we did
    • Brand story
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Brand book
    • Brand guidelines 
    • Website


  • ‘There’s no us and them, it’s just we’ is the core brand idea

  • Blue, white and quintessentially Finnish, Me Säätiö works outside the limelight