• Ōura is the world's first ring to measure your wellbeing 24/7

    Ōura, the world's first wellness ring, is a perfect companion for improving your sleep quality and adjusting your daily activity level, enhancing your acute and longterm performance and wellbeing. With a high-tech ceramic chassis, battery life of up to 3 days, 50m water resistance, Ōura ring's patented technology is groundbreaking. The company was founded by alumni of Nokia and Polar, and other specialists with embedded systems and medical devices expertise.

    • Then
    The team had a working prototype of the product and an app, but needed a name and brand . It was important to highlight Ōura’s holistic approach to wellbeing.

    • Our input
    Building on the brand essence, '360 degree wellbeing' we created the name Ōura. The identity uses a black and white palette and elegant slab serif typography; achieving a look closer to high fashion than technology. We created lifestyle photography and premium 3D imagery to fit this ambition. Working closely with their UI and web designers; we ensured Ōura is a connected experience, across all touch points.

    • Now
    After our rebrand for them, Ōura launched their product on Kickstarter in August 2015. Crushing their goal, Ōura sold $650,000 worth of product in their pre-order campaign, and shipped the product just a few months later. After winning the CES 2016 Best of Innovation award, Ōura raised a $5M Series A lead by Jan Tallinn, the founding engineer at Skype and Kazaa.

    Proxy portfolio
    • Finland
    • Founded in 2013

    Other Investors
    • Lifeline

    What we did
    • Brand story
    • Naming
    • Logo
    • Brand book
    • 3D product imagery
    • Photography
    • Icons
    • Collateral


  • A word from Kari

    "We wanted to create a product so effortless and comfortable that people would wear it 24/7. Ōura can help you understand how your body reacts to your lifestyle and behaviour. It provides you with actionable insights that help in increasing your readiness to perform at your best, and balance your life."

    Kari Kivelä
    Head of Design
    and Co-Founder

  • Ōura’s name conveys holistic wellbeing

  • The symbol resembles the ring

  • Ōura provides a cohesive brand experience

  • 'Life with Ōura' explores real user stories