• PAPTIC® replaces plastic bags

    PAPTIC® have developed a unique new material; combining the properties of plastic with the environmental credentials of paper. With wood fibre as its main component, PAPTIC® can be manufactured in existing paper mills and converted in factories already used in carrier bag production.

    • Then
    PAPTIC® required an identity which would become recognisable as a symbol of quality, performance and environmental responsibility. It was important that they be discrete enough to become ubiquitous and could subtly sit alongside some of the world’s largest retail and consumer goods brands.

    • Our Input
    Future focused, we created an identity for PAPTIC® that represents the infinite economy their process achieves. Starting from earth, the product circles through the world, eventually returning to the ground or the sea, where it soon degrades. The clear, bold ‘P’ projects feelings of trust and strength, reflecting the high performance and superb print quality of the material.

    • Now
    PAPTIC® will be used by The Body Shop in Finland, as carrier bags. There is a significant pipeline of well known brands who are testing the environmental material in their packaging and carrier bags, looking to implement this responsible option.

    Proxy Portfolio
    • Finland
    • Founded 2015

    Other investors
    • VTT Ventures
    • Besodos

    What we did
    • Logo
    • Brand copy
    • Brand identity
    • Icon design
    • Stationery
    • Web design
    • Collateral


  • A word from Tuomas

    “In co-operation with major players respected in their own fields, we will roll out carrier bags made out of PAPTIC®, where environmental friendliness is combined with a luxurious and positive consumer user experience.”

    Tuomas Mustonen

  • The logo symbolises the idea of circular economy while also being a distinctive P

  • Iconography uses mono linear, streamlined strokes reflecting the visual language of the logo

  • PAPTIC® will be used by The Body Shop in Finland

  • Images of dramatic natural landscapes are used to punctuate – to project emotion and feeling

  • We produced samples to showcase the print quality that can be achieved by printing onto PAPTIC® materials