• Supercell’s branding is distinctive and significant, a visual manifestation of the founders’ ideals

    • Then
    In 2010, a handful of gaming-industry veterans started up Supercell, and set about establishing themselves as a credible, significant player in the games sector. A big part of this was building a compelling, alternative corporate culture based on small empowered teams with few hierarchies.

    • Our input
    We helped our friends at Supercell create a brand totally rooted in the company’s culture and structure. This was in the days before Proxy, and in many ways gave us the idea. The Supercell name and marque suggest small, dedicated task forces and minimal hierarchy. The identity eschews games industry conventions and works independently of individual games franchises.

    • Now
    Supercell is the #1 mobile game developer on Android and iOS, and possibly the world’s most nimble multibillion company. Its brand is recognised by millions of players all around the world. Ahead of Supercell’s fifth anniversary, we designed a commemorative perspex art piece – a reminder of the thinking behind what is far more than ‘just a logotype’.

    • Private portfolio
    • Finland
    • Founded in 2010

    Key Investors
    • Accel
    • Atomico
    • Index
    • Initial
    • Lifeline
    • LVP
    • Softbank

    What we did
    • Brand story
    • Logo
    • Identity guidelines
    • Perspex art piece


  • The Supercell logo signifies small teams, minimal hierarchy and team members fully covering their ground

  • We made a B2 3-layer perspex frame, celebrating the link between Supercell’s logotype and culture