• Truly helps you collect memories, not things.

    Established in 2013, Truly offers an easy way to give beautiful gifts in the form of bespoke experiences. Aside from unique tasting menus or chocolate masterclasses, where else can you purchase a 22 mile journey into the edge of the earth’s upper atmosphere? Or write, film and star in your own television sitcom? Each gift is presented in a Truly branded box and bag, making the gifting of experiences tangible.

    • Then
    Truly has helped tens of thousands of people create unique, happy memories - with unique experiences both given to others, and simply enjoyed by the customers themselves. Truly had an identity and logotype that worked the part, however the team felt the brand needed more of a personality and consistent tone of voice. There’s a bespoke, tailored spirit that is evident throughout the company, from the experiences on offer, to the customer service/concierge. Everything is handpicked and carefully curated – the brand should reflect this.

    • Our response
    A signature is proof of authenticity, quality and personalisation – this seemed a natural starting point. We collaborated with the lettering artist Rob Clarke, and used the early stages to test a number of hand writing styles. The brand was deployed with a colour palette of warm greys and a punctuating bright yellow. It was important that the end result felt refined and informed-modern, not ‘old school luxury.

    • Now
    The result is a brand that is premium, not pretentious, a confident and aspirational lifestyle brand. Authentic, warm, and classic – bespoke and trustworthy but never garish or brash, a constant reminder of the bespoke nature of the service.

    Proxy Portfolio
    • Founded 2013
    • UK

    Other investors
    • 500 Startups
    • EC1 Capital

    What we did
    • Brand identity
    • Tone of voice
    • Gift box and card
    • Magazine style


  • A word from Jack

    When I started Truly, I was looking to buy my friends a thoughtful wedding present. I didn't want to pick out just another toaster, or knick-nack to sit on their shelf. Instead, I wanted something they could share and remember together. I chose the name Truly, as in 'yours truly', because I wanted our experiences to reflect that special touch reserved for the people you care about.

    Jack Huang
    CEO & Founder
    Truly Experiences

  • A signature is proof of authenticity, quality and personalisation – a natural starting point for the logo

  • Flama by Mário Feliciano, an unexpected, forward looking typeface chosen for Truly

  • Presented with a gift card in a box, each Truly experience gift feels considered and prestigious

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