• Uplause is the world's #1 interactive stadium advertising platform

    Uplause was designed to shake up the traditional stadium advertising model. The branding we helped develop expresses fun and the future.

    • Then
    In 2009, Uplause set out to rethink big-screen advertising in big arenas. The idea was to offer a fun, interactive experience instead of traditional, boring, passive ads. The start-up team needed instant credibility so they could march straight into the world’s top arenas with their radical new product.

    • Our input
    Our involvement with Uplause predates Proxy, but got us thinking about starting a creative VC company. We helped create a brand identity suggesting futuristic stadium advertising, in line with the company’s hi-tech offering. But as fun is a key element of the proposition, the identity also has a certain playfulness, using an engaged audience member as its icon.

    • Now
    Uplause has since become the world's #1 interactive stadium advertising brand, trusted by NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA teams. The system is used in the world’s most iconic arenas, including Madison Square Garden and Citi Field in New York, and works across cultures, with a significant presence in the Central League of Nippon Baseball and Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League.

    • Private portfolio
    • Finland
    • Founded 2009

    Key Investors
    • Lifeline
    • Finnvera
    • Ilkka Paananen
    • Mikko Kodisoja

    What we did
    • Naming
    • Logo
    • Brand book
    • UI Design


  • Uplause pins audiences completely on sponsor brands, massively improving recall and preference