• Frill is a new kind of natural, healthy frozen dessert

    We developed a friendly, transparent brand appealing to kids and their parents.

    • Then
    Zendegii came up with a revolutionary new dessert, with the working category name of ‘non-dairy ice cream’. Gluten and lactose free, vegan friendly and with ten times more fibre than regular ice cream, this is something pretty special. Zendegii didn’t just need packaging and branding, but a whole new way of describing this unique product.

    • Our input
    First of all, we coined an entirely new category term: frozen smoothie. The individual words sound familiar, but hadn’t been used together before. Our retail research led us towards transparent packaging, so that all the good bits of this natural product could be seen. And to delight kids and adults, we designed a polar bear – an animal surprisingly underused in ice-cream marketing.

    • Now
    Frill’s brand and product has already had a great reception. The first question on everyone’s lips is ‘where can I buy it?’. It sits proudly in the freezers of both Waitrose and Whole Foods Market and is also available online on waitrose.com.

    • Proxy portfolio
    • UK
    • Founded in 2014

    What we did
    • Category definition
    • Product logo
    • Illustration
    • Packaging
    • Brand guidelines
    • Website
    • Retail toolkit


  • A word from Daniel

    Zendegii’s goal is to help people lead healthy lives without having to change their lifestyle. We do that by creating irresistible drinks and foods that are truly good for you.

    Frill is a new kind of dessert, a frozen smoothie. Made entirely from plants, it tastes as rich, smooth, and delicious as any ice cream, and sings with natural flavour. Frill has no added sugar and doesn’t contain any dairy, so everyone can enjoy it, even strict vegans.

    Daniel Kohn

  • ‘Frozen smoothie’ is a new category term – it sounds so familiar, you’d think it had always existed

  • A range of emotions reflect the different flavours – from relaxed Smooth Vanilla to playful Bursting Berries

  • Unlike other frozen desserts, Frill’s packaging is transparent, showing all the delicious natural bits

  • We refined the logo together with Dalton Maag, it's a nod to the swirly, creamy texture of Frill